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Music Saint Croix – Where Classical Meets Casual

Music Saint Croix was founded in 2003 by a group of friends – professional musicians looking to create a different, more adventurous classical music experience. Our instruments run the gamut from violin, flute and piano to harp and heckelphone. Unlike other classical ensembles, MSC is a “do it yourself” organization. All programming, management and musical decisions are carried out by the musicians. We don’t have a ‘Music Director’ and we like it that way.

Music Saint Croix is also set apart by the friendly and casual nature of the concerts themselves. Our concerts are held in the intimate surroundings of the Washington County Historic Courthouse in beautiful downtown Stillwater, Minnesota. Every seat is ideal with great sound and close proximity to the action. After the concert, you can grab a cookie and stay to chat with the performers and other audience members. We’re all friends. You should be too!  Learn more…